Custom Airbrushing on Leather Jackets and Vests

Custom airbrushing applied to your leather jacket or vest. I offer a life time guarantee on all leather airbrushing that I do in my shop. Your art work will not fade, peel or crack. You can choose a personalized version of anything you see on my web site, or I can work with you to create something unique. You can get anything done: eagles, wolves, flags, lightning, fire, dream catchers, lions, tigers, buffalo, dragons, etc. For faster service, and to take the guess out of shipping, please include a return shipping label when you send me your jacket or vest. Call 817-919-2985 or write to get started today.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Prices for custom airbrushed leather start at 125 to paint jackets and vests, and this includes my life time guarantee against the paint fading, peeling or cracking. We can airbrush any design or theme: eagles, wolves, skulls, album art, etc., on the back of your jacket or vest. Designs on the sleeves and front will incur an additional charge.

Turn-around on leather airbrushing is two to three weeks. Please keep this in mind if you are shopping for a gift, especially around Christmas time.

Caring for your airbrushed leather jacket or vest

Your worked hard for the money to buy, and then customize your leather jacket or vest. Although I offer a guarantee against the paint fading, peeling or cracking, you still have to take care of the leather itself. Your leather jacket or vest will look great for years if you take proper care of it. There are several after market products on the market to help protect your leather and keep it looking new. A quality protective spray or cream will go a long way toward this goal. Follow product instructions to the letter and your jacket will last for years and years to come.