Custom Paint and Airbrush Services and Galleries

Check out the different custom paint and airbrush galleries on this site to get an idea of my style and skill level. When you are ready to talk about getting your helmet, goalie mask, motorcycle or other project custom painted you can get started in a number of ways. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this and every page within my site, call or text, hit me up on facebook, or send me an email (

custom painted motorcycle helmets, racing helmets, and other head gear

Custom Painted Helmets

Custom painted racing helmets, airbrushing on motorcycle helmets. Graphics, murals, flames, pin striping, kandy paint, metal flake...

goalie mask painting and airbrushing

Goalie Mask Painting

Goalie mask painting. Airbrushed goalie masks. We can paint any theme on your ice hockey goalie mask. Check out ebay listing for my listings...

motorcycle custom paint and airbrushing

Motorcycle Paint Jobs

Custom motorcycle paint jobs for any bike. Kandy paint, metal flake, pearl, flames, murals, real fire, pin striping. Airbrushing skulls, wolves, eagles...

airbrushing on leather jackets and vests

Leather Airbrushing

Custom airbrushed leather, any design you can imagine. Express your patriotism or love of music. I can paint eagles, wolves, your pets...

custom painted golf cart bodies

Golf Cart Paint Jobs

Custom paint and airbrushing on your golf cart is a sure way to turn heads and make your cart stand out from the rest...

airbrushing on just about anything

Custom Airbrush Requests

Custom paint and airbrushing on gun stock, flight masks, cars, trucks, boats and planes. Airbrushed murals and graphics on just about anything....

Featured Project - Custom Painted Racing Helmet

Bad ass paint job with a hot green to yellow fade in the background, an American flag graphic across the top, a Brazilian flag symbol in the back, plus racing graphics/name//number on the sides.

custom painted racing helmet
custom painted racing helmet
custom painted racing helmet
custom painted racing helmet
custom painted racing helmet
custom painted racing helmet

I want to be your artist!

Why hire me?

I know that when it comes to custom painting and airbrushing your helmet, goalie mask, motorcycle or other project that requires skill and precision you have many choices. So how do I stand out above the rest? I am hard working and completely dedicated to my craft. I have natural talent combined with a solid work ethic and a serious commitment to customer satisfaction. I take great pride in the art I create and you can be sure that your project will be treated with the utmost respect, whether a small mural on your front fender or a full blown kandy paint job with airbrushing and graphics. Over the years I have painted for clients from all over the the country and the world. The internet has allowed me to showcase my work to anyone, anywhere. I've painted for our soldiers serving and stationed overseas, for motorcycle enthusiasts all over America, live at Sturgis, HOG Rallies and several local motorcycle shows. Several of my paint jobs have taken trophies for best paint. I strive to be the best I can be and it shows in my work. It also shows in the referrals I get, which account for half my workload. If you look through the pages in this web site you will see an array of projects, but these pages are just a sampling of what I can do for you. If you have an idea for a custom paint job write or call 817-919-2985 and we can talk about it. I look forward to hearing from you.

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